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j e f f r e y V. h o l l y
katrin, i can no longer wait for you.

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It is the flower you take the time to smell.

It is the way Jen drives her car.

It is about misspelling Russian words.

It is how a persons face can be on any covers magazine.

It is about finding beauty in others.

It is about finding exoticism in them too.

It is having professors that kick ass!

It is all about WET T-SHIRT PARTYS!

And staying in love for lifetimes...

Current Music: Nelly Furtado: Folklore

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"A little part of me dies every time I go to the creek and see trash in the bottom of it. I want everyone to feel the joy of walking in the woods and being surrounded by nothing but trees and animals and fresh air for miles around, not strip malls and gas stations."

- Natalie Berrong

Current Music: No Doubt: Sunday Morning

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i ran into her yesterday, the wide smile, while i was in search of my classmates who were inside the library. art history final- ease. well, the identification part was super easy, but, the whole printmaking section was _______ hard!

but, yeah, let me get back to the "her" thing. she was sitting down with three other guys, srekcuf i didn't care about at all! studying something... what was it? calculus two million, maybe? i have no clue. anyways, i said hey to her + introduced myself to the guys (like it really mattered) and left.

you know what. i overdue things.

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